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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is Loving What You Do Enough?

Every entrepreneur, business builder, mentor or coach will tell you that the #1, most important, super step forward to building success is TO DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE - well congratulations GXT reader, you have the first base covered.

The big question today is - IS THIS ENOUGH ?

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Posted in April 2016
Tags :fitness, dance, yoga, zumba, ballet, barre
Friday, February 26, 2016

Is Level 2 ETM Fit for Purpose

I wonder if the problem is not with the education system which has served us so well for a very long time but with the standards and recommendations that the industry have set out for instructors. We receive extremely mixed messages all underpinned by rules and regulating bodies that are proving to be far more unstable and less reliable than a level 2 qualification.

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Posted in February 2016
Tags :fitness, yoga, fitness qualifications, mygroupfit, fitpro,
Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The importance of Acceptance and Permission

On the flip side, this information is only relevant to those of us who choose to walk our own path and create a more unique journey. One of the biggest hurdles I have faced in finding acceptance is that the majority find it easier to conform to a school of thought that is not their own. Believing in what "they say", these people who create our workouts, deliver our information as fact and provide the scripts and templates by which we live our daily lives. some teachers hold onto this information with a passion that would make you believe they had thought of it themselves and yet the sad truth is that they have not thought about it at all other than to learn it and use it on a daily basis. What is sadder is that "they" who created it do not think of you or us in their daily pursuit of greatness, we are the last thing on their mind - it's true isn't it?

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Posted in November 2015
Tags :yoga, fitness, teacher training,
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Changing The Industry From The Ground Floor Up In 2016

I have been listening to so many podcasts lately, in fact I have taken part in my own if you want to have a listen (scroll down to Jayne Nicholls). Everyone giving their ideas on how the industry will change and what is next. IDEA have published 15 group fitness predications by significant fitness pundits in the US and I think that some of these are highly relevant to us.
One thing is for sure - our market is absolutely saturated with brands and concepts right now. Buying into the next thing will never move our industry on to bigger and better things, it will simply keep it ticking along, fuelling other peoples profits and opening the doors for the next "class idea" to come along. OK so you may launch to 100 people but from this point it is just a waiting game for numbers to dwindle.

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Posted in October 2015
Tags :fitness. yoga, zumba, insanity, les mills, 2016
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Which Organisations Should The Ground Floor Instructor Invest In

This time last year I got involved with the UK Active Awards for which I had to join UK Active. I remember discussing this with my mentors to a very mixed reaction, all negatives I chose to ignore and tried it anyway. So after a year I decided that the information that UK Active provide is not entirely relevant to the ground floor, not so interesting to me but most importantly not one of their initiatives links back to us and what we do. I placed an ad that no one responded to and all of their events are not fundamental to my business. At least I tried - and by all means give it a go but I 100% think there are better investments for us. If however you do join UK Active, make sure you read the small print as you have to give a whole 2 months notice to cancel membership, I have never come across this before. I unfortunately let them know 30 days prior to re payment and they WILL NOT let me cancel my membership. This organisation would rather take my

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Posted in October 2015