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Hot Yoga Instructor Courses

This UK based hot yoga teacher training certification is the very latest from the Group X Training brand.

There was a time when Bikram Yoga was the only way to teach Yoga in a heated environment. This has now evolved and we can offer you a Hot Yoga Certification that will compliment your qualification or sit alongside your study with our industry standard Level 3 Yoga Diploma. This module fully equips you to teach in heats of 35 - 45 degrees.

The 3 key reasons why you should train with us are:

  1. You will create your own Hot Yoga classes 
  2. This certification complies with industry standard, provides you with practical yoga, level 3 anatomy and physiology and health & safety
  3. You can study both in the heat and via home study making it simple and cost effective

GXT offer 2 options to become a Hot Yoga Instructor:

  • The full teacher training Diploma including Hot Yoga Instructor Course for anyone new to teaching Yoga

  • The Hot Yoga Certification for qualified instructors who want to teach yoga in a heated environment


Hot Yoga Teacher Training

The GXT Hot Yoga Certification combines home & live study time with practical experience to fully complete the training and assessment:

  • 2 Live Days Practical Study in a Heated Environment 
  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology - home/online study
  • Health and Safety for Hot Yoga - home study

You will be assessed throughout the 2 day training and by case study completed over 3 months during your probationary teaching practice.


As soon as you book your place, we will send your home study pack (this covers the course sylabus) with book list to help you formulate an idea of who you want to be as a Hot Yoga instructor. 
In order to complete the home study  we encourage you to be as pro active as possible. 
Your tutors and assessors are on hand via email to answer your questions and help you progress.


We have a further amazing online opportunity for you to study 26 Yoga postures in 3D. 
For £30.00 you will be enroled for 1 month with Primal Pictures which is an invaluable and 
unique method of learning what happens to your clients in the practice of Yoga


Day 1 Hot Yoga - Practical & Theory

  • Hot Yoga class
  • Understanding the Hot Environment and its effect on Yoga practice
  • Special considerations including acclimatisation, heat illnesses, cause, symptoms and action
  • Class content including breathing, warm up, sun salutations, postures

Day 2 Hot Yoga - Practical & Theory

  • Hot Yoga class
  • Cool down & relaxation
  • Creating a Hot Yoga basic class plan
  • Creating a Hot Yoga Flow class plan
  • Teaching Skills
  • Teaching Practice

The Hot Yoga Instructor Course can be paid in full or part payments over 2 months (no interest). 

Price : £550.00

Previously Qualified Yoga Instructors:
This certification is a perfect upskill for qualified Yoga Teachers

Previously Unqualified Yoga Instructors:
If you have a keen interest in teaching Yoga with experience in a Hot environment, we accept you onto this yoga course as the start of your Yoga teacher training where you will benefit from learning in an environment with other experienced teachers. We do reccommend that you take further study in Yoga and we offer a full Level 3 Diploma in Yoga for anyone wishing to bolt the 2 courses together, please call 0116 239 6802 to discuss

We offer the Freestyle Fitness Yoga 2 day certification for all Instructors previously qualified at a minimum of Level 2
Practical Assessment: You will be assessed throughout the practical weekend on your technique and teaching practice.
Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology: External Multiple-Choice Question Paper set and marked by Active IQ
Health & Safety: Worksheet
Hot Yoga Practice: 3 month class overview, 3 cases of client feedback, case study

A&P Exam Invigilation Process

We also offer online study with primal pictures for 3D Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga postures. This wonderful interactive online service allows you to:

  •  Rotate each posed 3D body and add, remove and label the bones and muscles.
  • View detailed text articles accompany all of the pose views to help you have a thorough understanding of the pose and how to perform it correctly
  •  A library of interactive 3D views of the anatomy you need to know, complete with text that will give you a better understanding.
  • See 26 asanas in visually stunning and interactive 3D 
  • Learn, explain and teach the important anatomy and considerations for each pose.
  • View and label all the bones and muscles on the interactive poses.  Click on a structure to access text that clearly explains the structure and its significance for Yoga

 A one month subscription is £35.00 - Please click to purchase your 1 month subscription

If you need any more information please contact me by telephone on 0116 239 6802 or use the email contact form.