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Yoga Teacher Training Level 3 Diploma

We believe that qualifying to teach Yoga should not take a lifetime nor cost a fortune. We teach you well with the most wonderful tutors and then stay with you for life, helping you to teach what you love to people who need it.
This yoga instructor course qualification is awarded by Active IQ (QCF) and will allow you entry onto the REPs register at Level 3 for as a Yoga Instructor. It is perfect for access into all areas of Yoga teaching.

We encourage all students on this course to become the Yoga instructor that they want to be. Yoga reaches back decades and crosses over many continents; it is hard to pinpoint and package Yoga as a product which is why we allow  focus your study on tkey areas of interest:

  • Yoga postures and teaching
  • Breathing, bandhas & mudras
  • 7 limbs of traditional hatha yoga
  • Modern fitness yoga
  • Assessments

Our Level 3 Yoga Instructor Courses are held in Birmingham, Berkshire, London and Manchester. You can join at any time.  Your yoga course begins on the day you sign up, all dates roll over throughout the year. You will complete 5 days live training. You can repeat days as necessary to build your confidence and skills within a 12 month period.


As soon as you book your place, we will send your yoga course content. This includes course manual, further reading with book list, plus information to help you formulate a plan of completion and an idea of who you want to be as a Yoga instructor. 

Your tutors and assessors are on hand via email to answer your questions and help you progress.

You will study  Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga via an interactive online platform with the Active IQ Academy that offers both verbal and visual lectures. We have a further amazing online opportunity for you to study 26 Yoga postures in 3D. You will be enroled for 



You will receive your Level 3 Learner Achievement Portfolio for completion and assessment as soon as you book your course. Once you receive this you can start to complete your final presentation. Our LAPs are electronic which means that you can complete them online for total ease (unless you prefer to download).


  • Breathing, Bandhas, Mudras, Meditation & Relaxation- Practical & Theory
  • LAP Overview - Assessment  - Practical & Theory
  • Posture Clinic & Teaching Experience Practical
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga - Theory
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga  - Practical 


Why Choose Our Level 3 Yoga Diploma?

  • We are a very big small business, our contacts in the fitness industry are extensive and we love to share our experience.
  • We offer instant communication with tutors & assessors via email & phone and we embrace all forms of social media
  • We commit to long-term training for the individual allowing qualified instructors to move quickly while those new to teaching can take their time and attend as many dates as necessary to prepare for a lifetime of teaching
  • GXT offers on going workshops, DVDs, Qualifications and Events in both Yoga and Fitness
  • We offer an optional mentor service to help you transition into teaching with confidence and skill

Listen to why one of our students without any previous fitness qualifications chose us as their Yoga training provider.

Please note that all live days roll over making it easy for you to start your course today without worrying about fitting in to a tight schedule. 

Read below what out past students think about our course.

GXT offer a part payment option for this course. It is interest free with 9 monthly installments of £128. Please note that there is no official start date, you can join the course whenever you are ready as dates constanly roll over.

Please book below using the FULL or PART option in the Book Your Place Tab, we advise that you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Also please note that we do not offer refunds once your course has been processed with Active IQ. All courses offer a 24 hour cooling off period during whcih time you have the option to change your mind and be refunded. Courses are not processed during this time unless you request an express process and the refund option is waived. Our full terms and conditions are available.
Price : £1,150.00

GXT fully prepare you for a career in the UK fitness industry.

The Level 3 Yoga instructor qualification provides 3 traditional Yoga days focusing on Breathing, Bandas, Mudras, Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga postures and teaching experience, it also  provides 2 days of Fitness Yoga (providing an extra certification in Freestyle Fitness Yoga) fully  preparing you to teach in both clubs and the community.

To prepare you for the practical role of Yoga Instructor, you will learn:

  • The skills necessary for teaching Yoga
  • The role of a Yoga Instructor
  • The benefits of Yoga
To educate you in the history of Yoga, you will learn:
  • The origins of Yoga
  • The relevance of ancient Yoga texts
  • Understanding the 8 limbs of Yoga
  • Understanding the 4 pathways of Yoga
  • Understanding the key concepts of Yoga including Kriyas, Mudras, Bandha
Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga

Planning a series of Yoga sessions

  • Understanding breathing, relaxation & meditation techniques
  • Understanding how to plan a Yoga session
  • Use of teaching aids in Yoga
  • Progressing your Yoga classes
  • Setting up a Yoga class
Health & Safety for Yoga
  • Understanding the requirements of special populations
  • Understanding the importanceof screening clients
  • Understanding the health & safety aspects of teaching a Yoga class
Teaching a Yoga Session
  • Practically including all of the above into a class presentation
  • Learning, understanding & presenting Yoga postures
Personal Yoga Development & Practice


All you really need is to LOVE YOGA
  • No formal pre-qualification is necessary
  • Experience in Yoga, Body balance & Freestlye Fitness Yoga is a benefit
Students receive a home study pack designed to encourage research into the key areas of teaching Yoga. During completion of this study we ask you to develop an idea of the kind of yoga instructor that you would like to be. Once you are confident in the areas that you would like to focus, we then offer you further study, specific to your needs.

You are marked on the completion of a Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP) , teaching plans, exam and practical assessment.
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Anatomy & physiology worksheets
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Course work
We accept approved prior learning (APL) from students who have previously completed relevant parts of the course. 

Esme - I can't describe Di at this moment but what a fantastic lady you have on your team. She should be a guru or something. Amazing amazing lady don't lose her. Am still in awe. THANK YOU to both of you. Am honoured to have met her.

- I would like to stress again, how good I thought the Unit 2 notes were, I used them as a revision guide. and spent 4 days memorising the Unit 2 notes which was more than adequate, everything I needed to know was in my head! I think that by sharing my experience with you, you can reassure other candidates that if they read and learn their notes and make sure they know them inside out, they will be fine, they don't really need anything else.  I had bought all the books suggested on the reading list and read around the subject on my own and had a look at the online app, etc. I preferred to revise from the notes, they were more than adequate as preparation for the exam. You had reassured us that by learning what was in the Unit we would have the tools to pass but they were more than that, I found them really interesting and as you know one of the reasons I wanted to study this yoga course was to further my knowledge of human anatomy so that I can be a better teacher so in short, as I said before, excellent job, excellent course.

Di Having attended Jayne's courses, workshops and masterclasses, and used her educational DVD's and material, I can honestly say that she is one of those stimulating, unique, fascinating individuals whose thoughts, motivations and actions are forever moving forwards; forever wanting the best, removing the blinkers and being prepared to open heart and mind to the possibility of new horizons, greater authenticity, and deeper understanding. In so doing she offers us the opportunity to develop and flourish as fitness professionals, and indeed as thinking, moving, feeling human beings. Further more she has helped both myself and many others to explore and improve upon what we say, what we do, our skill set, how we approach our work, how and what we learn, and our potential to look around and see what we can really achieve. I have, very recently, once again, had the benefit of Jayne's expertise in being the training provider I chose to complete my L3 Yoga qualification. I thought that perhaps I wasn't ready, wasn't capable, wasn't deeply entrenched enough, wasn't fully versed enough to tackle 'Yoga' ... but Jayne taught me to strip away the layers of doubt and embrace all that was truly wonderful, physical, energising and, yes, do-able, about Yoga. This journey is ongoing (aren't all the best) but the catalyst is Jayne.

Jane I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about yoga. She has been to yoga classes in the past (not mine) and I was telling her about the L3 yoga I'm doing at the moment. She was surprised that it was so short as she thought to be a proper yoga instructor required many years of study (possibly involving buddhists and temples!) and was questioning how I could call myself a yoga instructor on a par with those who had studied for a long time. I asked her about the classes she had been to and her experiences of them. She explained that they were very good and the instructors had great voices and spoke with a certain level of deference about the movements carried out and were very "into" it. I questioned her further - did she still go? No. Why not? Because she didn't really "get" the whole thing it seemed very mystical and everything had long foreign names that didn't mean anything to her and she didn't understand why she was being told to breathe at certain points - and most importantly to me, she didn't understand what she was doing and WHY and the benefit(s) of it. Why did she go a a yoga class in the first place? She had been told she needed to stretch more and wanted to enjoy the relaxation and sense of calm she was told yoga would bring, but she wasn't aware of what she was working or stretching and was too stressed out about not understanding any of it to enjoy the relaxation part of the class. So I tried to explain why years of yoga training at the Mystical Rising of the Sun School of Yoga didn't necessarily automatically produce a good yoga instructor, and why, if she came to my class it would be a whole different experience.... I bring to the table experience of being a group exercise instructor and trying to succinctly direct people to arrange parts of their body in a particular way. I bring experience as a Personal Trainer in being able to subtley focus on one person needing more direction or support. And to do all of this in an enjoyable fun way. I bring knowledge of how the body works and biomechanics and can describe how I need my participants to feel in various poses / moves to know they are working the right muscle group(s), and can see where they may not be and guide them towards the right place. And now on top of this I can add my knowledge and experience of yoga poses, sequences and breathing. So putting all that together I said to her that my classes focus on strengthening muscles, stretching muscles, mobilising joints and using everyday language to guide my class to the right places, explaining what we are doing and why and the reason for everything and check with the class where they are feeling a certain pose etc. No Buddha, no jargon and no weird waving hands. She said that sounded great and just like the kind of thing she had been looking for. So i told her that was all the answer i needed as to whether I was a proper yoga instructor - and she agreed :-)

If you need any more information please contact me by telephone on 0116 239 6802 or use the email contact form