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A New Yoga, An Exciting Yoga, A Yoga for Everyone

GXT offer several different pathways into Yoga

Yoga is both a personal and professional journey for anyone with an interest in its origins, history or simply its physical practice.

We are proud to be able to offer you several Yoga options to suit your needs and to help you progress as your interest develops.

It is only the past 12 years that have seen Yoga and fitness truly merge in their content and target market. Many gym goers enjoy the benefits of Yoga which compliments a physical practice with a more mindful approach to self awareness. As Yoga Instructors in 2012 it is wise to develop and appreciation of health and fitness and embrace the different levels of overlap.


For fitness instructors interested in teaching Yoga we offer a quick and simple segway into group and 1 to 1 training with FREESTYLE FITNESS YOGA. This popular brand allows qualified instructors to use their formal and vocational experience to teach a Yoga based program. The prescription of postures in FFY relies upon their knowledge of anatomy and physiology. We implement the current trends of functional fitness and global training into FFY making you feel confident in offering Yoga as a viable form of exercise. Both male and female instructors are encouraged to practice in their own style at an intensity that suits their target market. We provide a full up skill that truly changes the way that instructors perceive and teach their craft.

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Our LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA in Yoga provides an industry recognised (REPs Level 3) qualification for anyone interested in teaching Yoga. The qualification combines face-to-face, online and home study sections which allows all students to learn at their own pace. We have a team of experts offering information in the following areas on our live days:

Day 1 Freestyle Fitness Yoga - Practical & Theory
Day 2 Freestyle Fitness Yoga  - Practical & Theory
Day 3 Breathing, Bandhas, Mudras - Practical & Theory
Day 4 mditation & Relaxation - Practical & Theory
Day 5 LAP Overview - Assessment  - Practical & Theory

Students are progressively assessed as they learn. Read more about this Level 3 Qualification


The very latest certification is our HOT YOGA CERTIFICATION this course accompanies the diploma perfectly for anyone interested in capitalsing on the very latest Yoga trends hitting the UK. Our certification covers:
  • Heat implications
  • Level 3 Anatomy & Phsiology
  • Multi level classes
  • Posture library
  • Health & Safety
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Our most thorough Yoga teacher training combines the full industry standard qualification with our Hot Yoga module, preparing all instructors for every teaching opportunity.

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Our first ever Intensive teacher training in the island of Ibiza. Our LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA in Yoga provides an industry recognised (REPs Level 3) qualification. Fully inclusive with world class presenters, full timetble of classes and events with food and accomodation n the luxury resort.

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The most important demographic for learning and developing are children of all ages. Our YOUNG YOGA CERTIFICATION has been carefully developed by children's fitness expert Jane Chinery and is available to anyone interested in teaching Yoga to children. The course is online and all students learn over a 3 month period via work sheets, downloads and DVD. 

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