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8th January, 2019

Today is about INTENTION, when everyone is doing something different, the hardest thing is to stay on your own path. Nike ended – we did not agree with their latest ideas, Athletes in Action ended – we had outgrown it really and Freestyle was ending – so what next? I always wanted my own clothing brand but now was not the time, AIA developed into the best friendship I have ever had and Freestyle? Although it was over, I was not ready to lay it to rest just yet!

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8th January, 2019

So over the next 11 days we demystify and gain clarity. I am going to let you into the very things that have shaped me and GXT over the past 26 years.

Attention or focus are the key ingredients to meditation and mindfulness, 2 aspects of yoga that people find hard to “own” and yet they are also the very things that keep us on our path and bring us the most satisfaction. 

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11th December, 2018


We all know that words and actions can truly inspire, but do we really understand the power that our words and actions have on others? Or the affect our internal dialogue has on our own self esteem and state of mind? 

By actively creating a more positive outlook, focusing on true character strengths and setting positive intentions we can help ourselves and others experience better outcomes.

Now we’re not talking magical powers here but scientific fact – read on…

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5th September, 2018

I have been asked so many times in the past 12 months – “Are you spiritual?” The etymology of this word still baffles me and every time I hear someone refer to themselves as spiritual, I can’t lie, I develop something of a nervous twitch.

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9th July, 2018

Consider the notion of taking a Yoga class? We have up to 90 minutes to teach a lifestyle, a lifetime of learning, a life changing practice, a workout! The enormity of this task may be the very thing that puts people off both teaching and attending Yoga despite a desire to start this epic journey […]

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2nd January, 2018

Here we go or here we go again? Let’s be honest! the new year, new you stuff is all a bit overwhelming, when it’s cold, wet and all you want to do is re live Christmas. Positive affirmations, smiley faces, peace and love –  I kind of want to lie down with the cat for […]

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13th June, 2017

Well actually, yes it is, if loving what you do is the absolute and most important thing in your life. I know so many people who teach as a means of relaxation, enjoyment, a reason to step out of their own lives for a few hours each week. Teaching exercise is the perfect way to […]

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