Beginners Yoga with John Marquez

4 Mar 2022

You just have to do Yoga! Every one is doing, it, it changes your life, it de-stresses you, helps you sleep ……… This is all well and good, but stepping into a yoga class where everyone seems to know what they are doing and you have no idea is a MASSIVE ASK. With this in mind we decided to create an 8 day program for beginners yoga where you will learn the basics and more, understand why you are doing what you are doing from postures to meditation and of course have some fun at the same time. Jayne teamed up with life long friend John Marquez, actor and single father who really needs the benefits that yoga has to offer but was not sure how to make it a daily routine. We would love you to join us for beginners yoga with John Marquez and Jayne Nicholls.


Pc Penhale from Doc Martin takes a real life journey into yoga over 8 days – you can join him in your home learning so much Yoga you will be amazed.

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