Fast Track To Yoga Teacher Training

17 Feb 2019

If you are looking for a “fast track” yoga teacher training, take a look at our online course. The learning journey is consolidated into a short time span for example, one week, one month of consecutive teaching days.

Your absolute goal is to teach professional yoga classes. It is important that the course you choose fits into your existing lifestyle. In order for you to complete it successfully, it must not cause too much disruption to your work life balance. You may have to forsake your next holiday in order to live your dream but it will be worth it once you are a fully qualified yoga teacher.

The perfect intensive course is set in an appropriate venue with a pre-set timetable covering all aspects of practical teaching. You want yoga “on tap” with extra curricula classes that you can immerse yourself in experiencing as many different styles and teaching methods as possible.

Most modern YTT courses provide blended learning options utilising online and home study. This allows you to take your time on the academic parts of your course. Ultimately you will have “the best of both worlds” making your training both time efficient and cost effective.

It is wise to really consider the speed in which you want to complete your yoga teacher training before you commit. Intensive courses are often best suited to people who are confident with some previous experience of teaching and a lot of yoga hours under their belt. The learning curve is shorter than the more immersive courses and the less experienced may require more long-term support.

Make sure that you can make contact, ask questions and ideally have a chat with a selection of course training providers before you make your booking. This experience will be the first step in your professional yoga journey and needs to fulfil all of your formative needs.