11 Dec 2018

So what does AIM stand for? 


We all know that words and actions can truly inspire, but do we really understand the power that our words and actions have on others? Or the affect our internal dialogue has on our own self esteem and state of mind? 

By actively creating a more positive outlook, focusing on true character strengths and setting positive intentions we can help ourselves and others experience better outcomes.

Now we’re not talking magical powers here but scientific fact – read on…

Because of neuroplasticity, a scientific truth of the last decade, your repeated thoughts, feelings, and behaviours actually shape your physical brain and its functioning. By changing your mindset, you CAN change your brain and reality  the best brain possible with Debbie Hampton

If you want to attract great people, great things and great events in your life then this starts and stops with you and how you choose to act on a day -by – day, minute-by-minute basis – in brief, you need to be a great person.

Positive psychology researchers discovered that even a one-time act of gratitude resulted in a immediate 10% ‘happiness’ increase. They also found that those results faded within 3 to 6 months – indicating gratitude needs to be a daily habit.  Physiology Today

These tiny acts can be (and should be) from you to yourself, to your friends and family, to your clients, to total strangers. Small acts of kindness can be massive rewards to others.

Therefore it is fair to say that positive thoughts and actions lead to positive behaviour, which leads to increases in positive outcomes.

With Christmas around the corner let’s AIM to draw ATTENTION to our INTENTIONS and see if they MANIFEST themselves.