8 Jan 2019

So over the next 11 days we demystify and gain clarity. I am going to let you into the very things that have shaped me and GXT over the past 26 years.

Attention or focus are the key ingredients to meditation and mindfulness, 2 aspects of yoga that people find hard to “own” and yet they are also the very things that keep us on our path and bring us the most satisfaction.

This is what shapes your vision or your intention. When I started teaching classes and personal training there were no real leaders or influencers to follow. We gained the qualification and went out to find our way. At the risk of making myself appear very old (which I do not feel), there were no pre choreographed programs, no internet to find ideas, no one offering mentoring or telling us how it should be done. We had a monthly magazine, 2 or 3 conventions a year, our peers and a pretty much open book to do whatever we wanted to do. This is the reason that today I can walk into any situation and create a class or programme for the person or people in front of me with absolute ease. I can do this because I had to and luckily it is the very thing I love to do.

When Les Mills entered our world ( I have written about this many times), it knocked me sideways, it knocked me off my pedestal definitely and it knocked my vision of how the industry would progress. My allies became my enemies in a way. Loyalties changed, intentions changed my attention was all over the place and I had to re gain focus.

This is where I learned that if a juggernaut is rushing towards you, you have 3 choices, you can get run down, get on board or run in a different direction. 

This was a time when I could have gone under. I was a Nike Fitness Athlete, in business with Rachel Holmes as Athletes In Action, our sole purpose was touring and providing class content for instructors. Les Mills had the potential to change all of this!

Of course this is where that chapter rather abruptly ended. It is amazing how we build our lives like a house of cards. When one thing wobbles it affects the foundations and the entire tensegrity begins to change.

This was a time where I really needed to FOCUS. In such times you hurt, you break and you have to sit back for a while, not long – but a while. This is ATTENTION 

I saw this yesterday, I am not sure what I think of Jay Shetty, but this resonates.

Tomorrow I will share how I created my INTENTION, in order to stay in the business, build a bigger business but more importantly stay true to myself.