Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Yoga Instructor?

16 Feb 2019

Are you in love with yoga?
If you are considering yoga instructor training, your answer must be yes. Having a passion for yoga is super important, however now is the time to lay the foundations for a successful relationship.

What style of yoga is your style of yoga?
Make sure that you are compatible with the type of yoga, the course tutors and the content of your training course. Every element of your learning journey (no matter how tough) should feed the aspiring yoga instructor in you.

Look to the future
Not everyone training to be a yoga instructor wants to teach professional classes. Yoga can have a profound effect on those committed to it and instructor training may simply be an avenue to learn more. It is wise to have a long-term view when looking at course content, timings, cost and learning outcomes. If making a career out of teaching is your objective then be sure that there is dedicated time spent teaching your peers in a simulated learning environment.

The importance of accreditation
If practical teaching is your goal then your course must be accredited. Every operator from large chains to boutique studios have specific criteria for taking on instructors. Awarding and  governing bodies provide the guidelines needed for professional teaching standards. OFQUAL, CIMSPA, REPs, Yoga Alliance, British Wheel of Yoga will all provide recognised  endorsement of your course.

Course content
Thorough training should include an equal balance of academia and practical content. Anatomy and physiology, the history and philosophy of yoga, an objective education in all types of yoga and professional mentoring from a senior tutor.

The evolution of yoga
Although the roots of yoga span several decades and many people perceive authentic yoga to follow a traditional practice, it is important to be mindful of its evolution. A modern audience may be reticent to throw themselves into the more esoteric aspects of yoga preferring a purely physical practice. A good instructor provides a gateway into yoga for everyone and anyone with interest.