Ergogenic Yoga Aids

5 Feb 2019

Sometimes we all need ergogenic aids to help us fit in or segway into areas that are new and different. We live in a society where possessions are #1, most people have their own mats, sports watches to count steps, calories and tell us how we sleep, the list is endless. As teachers we also need tools to give us a boost and make our job easier.

Here are a few of the things that have made my life easier this year.

  1. Insight timer – learning how to differentiate between meditation and mindfulness is hard, learning how to put both into our lifestyle requires massive change but learning to teach these things authentically is huge. I am not a fan of nidra practices, they don’t sit well with me. I feel that if I am going to teach meditative or mind based exercise, I want to relate to the people in front of me in a specific and useful way rather than a generic journey based approach. The insight timer app simply sets a time, using a gong to start and finish. It is an external aid that sends a signal and this simple noise allows me to be silent, still and focus on a shared intention.
  2. Automated options – I have talked a lot about time spent on social platforms. All of these allow us to plan and draft posts and emails, we can set aside dedicated time to create a weeks journey of communication. This enables us to not get side tracked by our own fluctuating moods, confidence and experience, in essence we can stay on track and remain purposeful.
  3. Tina Turner – Allow Tina to do the work for you. There is not one person from any age group that has not come across Tina Turner. She is a strong successful woman who has overcome so many (well publicised) obstacles and has chosen a better personal journey. Here BEYOND albums and collaborations provide mantras and meditations along with beautiful music to put into any of your sessions. Have a listen. The more you play it, the more it resonates. My advice is to let people breath and relax in time with the ever changing pace of the piece. Here is the story – wise to watch this as well as listen.

These are small things, mostly free and so very simple. i have taken Tina Turner every where with me this year and our relationship has blossomed. Those albums just keep on giving. She incentivises me.