Here we go or here we go again?

2 Jan 2018

Here we go or here we go again?

Let’s be honest! the new year, new you stuff is all a bit overwhelming, when it’s cold, wet and all you want to do is re live Christmas. Positive affirmations, smiley faces, peace and love –  I kind of want to lie down with the cat for just a while longer. I know – it’s my job to motivate you to do more, but I am a huge fan of being realistic. I have of course hit the keyboard and already put in a good few hours of hard graft today, I am wearing real clothes instead of winceyette and there is that inner excitement generating at the thought of a whole year ahead to realise my ambitions for 2018.

Yes it is the thought of “here we go again” that is less than inspiring. The day to day things that do not change and pile up constantly, yet have to be done. So lets focus on the “here we go”moving forward. The things that help us be better, do more and stay focused. We are so very lucky that we can bring change and better health to our clients, but in order to constantly keep moving onwards and upwards, let’s give some thought to the principles that underpin day to day life and use them to get the most out of what we do.

Honesty is by far the best policy

The past few years has seen an emergence in holistic health. We inclusively are now masters of a much broader offering that includes:

  1. Yoga & Pilates
  2. Fitness
  3. Diet & Nutrition

How we offer these things  is now up for debate as information is updated and trends change with great speed. It seems that the sticky stage of any programme is around 6 to 12 months. If people do not adhere to what you offer in the first 6 weeks then they are on team for up to 1 year. After this the old cycles start again. They go back to their old ways become bored or simply want to start something new. You cannot change this – fact. Why? because you most likely do the exact same things yourself.

Take a look at your own track records for exercising, eating well and be honest how many days a week do you successfully meditate? Inject real life into what you offer and you will be speaking the language of the masses.

The reasons that so many instructors do not move with the speed that they want nor do they retain the numbers is that they fall into the trap of telling people what they need, passing on the good vibe, giving information that is bang on trend rather than real life. I have had the pleasure of a few days in the company of Greg Sellar – Life Hack 30 and he has provided one of those light bulb moments. We need to empower our clients to change full stop. Not dabble in good health and right choices by offering them the end product but actually motivating them to be the person that lives a healthy lifestyle. The choices that they make longterm will then inevitably include you and what you offer.

You are not responsible for them

If we go back to the top of this email and the thought of “here we go again”.  The things that hold us all back from getting on with owning our 2018 are the things that we cannot change:

  1. Getting people to ahdere
  2. Getting people to make the right choices
  3. Getting people to be positive

Only they can do this. We offer products, just like any other retailer, and just like other retailers our focus should be on:

  1. Our target market
  2. Our price point
  3. Our product and it’s value for money

If we get these things right then we broaden our reach and build roots within the ever growing health and fitness offering.

Moving forward

If you can’t fly – then run – you don’t need to do it quickly, you just need to do it.
If you can’t run – then walk – you don’t need to do everything, maybe just the things that really inspire you.
If you can’t walk then crawl – just teach 1 class a week, in the same place to the same people? This is perfect you are the pinnacle of success in what we do.
Just keep moving forward – if you are honest with yourself and offer what is realistic then you will own 2018.

Always here and always happy to help
Happy New Year
J a y n e