How to become a yoga teacher

8 Mar 2022

It’s a strange trait of our time that we are so often told that you can, you can, you can until we do and then we are told that it’s wrong. It is just this way so often when learning how to become a yoga teacher. There is definitely no right way and everything you learn on any course will help to shape what they call the yoga journey. There is so much information to take on board that dates back thousands of years. Only small extracts will truly resonate with you and these are the parts that you will focus on and teach in your classes. One thing always leads to another and when you are ready you will choose something else. The journey is never ending and you only have to be a couple of steps ahead of the people you teach. If you want to be a yoga teacher this is how you do it.

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When enrolling on a yoga teacher training, make sure that you are taught to understand why you say what you say rather than giving a one size fits all approach.

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