How we changed the face of Yoga Teacher Training.” — Jayne Nicholls

15 Apr 2021
The wonderful things about the computer you own and the world wide web are accessibility & speed . Our digital connectivity has changed the way that we do everything, and yes this includes learning how to teach yoga.

What may have taken 200-500 hours in the past  can now be accelerated and more importantly personalised by online learning.

Post pandemic I cannot imagine marketing weeks of face to face meetings where students have to travel miles to take a class and share information, Technology has made it possible for us to meet via zoom not once a month but multiple times a week to take class. If I have an idea or inspiration I simply set up an online workshop and invite past and present learners to join me and share. No longer do I have to select my words carefully to fit the precious time that we have together, I am free as an educator to talk endlessly and carelessly about every detail and consideration that might influence a yoga teacher in training.

This is a new age of education and one that thankfully is here to stay. It will only get better, it will liberate the training process and help create modern yoga teachers who can translate the ancient and beautiful art of yoga for their modern audience.