8 Jan 2019

Today is about INTENTION, when everyone is doing something different, the hardest thing is to stay on your own path. Nike ended – we did not agree with their latest ideas, Athletes in Action ended – we had outgrown it really and Freestyle was ending – so what next? I always wanted my own clothing brand but now was not the time, AIA developed into the best friendship I have ever had and Freestyle? Although it was over, I was not ready to lay it to rest just yet!

My intention was to stay on track. I could not imagine letting ANYONE create my class content for me, I did not want to pay monthly fees for something I loved doing myself. My class creations defined me (they still do). So I laid down my intentions for Group X Training, providing ideas and programmes for instructors to teach and profit from without providing their content and without charging monthly fees. So lets talk about money – so many people come to me and say “if you do this, you could make…”, this must be how Faustus felt when faced with Mephistopheles. Here is the first truth – if you pay ATTENTION and stick to your INTENTION, see it through to MANIFESTATION, then profit will come. Profit does not always come in the form of pounds and pence. I learned that everyday must feed my soul and make me happy, allow me to do the things I love to do and bring me satisfaction.

When 1 person gets me, hears me, writes to me and says thank you I am happy, I have profited. I am a business woman, I know how to make money, I learned from great teachers but money is nothing without knowing yourself and following your head and your heart.

I am sure that many of you cannot imagine an industry where there was no third party programmes and no internet to find ideas. Don’t get me wrong they are all great BUT  they are the very distractions that stop you from seeing what is right in front of you. They keep you out of your own head, they distract you and more often than not when looking for inspiration and guidance you end up confused and demotivated. Learn to walk and then learn to run – it’s simple.

I bet your head is spinning with great INTENTIONS. Now you need toMANIFEST them