Is Loving What You Do Enough?

13 Jun 2017
Well actually, yes it is, if loving what you do is the absolute and most important thing in your life. I know so many people who teach as a means of relaxation, enjoyment, a reason to step out of their own lives for a few hours each week. Teaching exercise is the perfect way to amalgamate, meeting people, having fun and feeling great – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, our intention is to create a business, a bigger picture and expand on what we have then there needs to be a few other factors in the mix other than love because we all know how exhausting that can be.

Come along with me today and follow these few steps, especially if there is a part of you that is asking what next? how do I? or why am I doing the same thing each week to the same people and never growing or changing?

It’s not hard, in fact it can be quite a lot of fun.

  1. “This thing you love, make it yours today.” If it is that important to you it has to become your baby, your idea and your project. It has to be Jayne’s Yoga or Jayne’s dance or  Jayne’s fitness or Jayne’s diet – no one elses’ – it has to be yours. If you love doing it, invest in it and spend the majority of your daily hours on it, then it is yours TAKE OWNERSHIP OF IT.  This way, if and when it grows, it will become your brand and your legacy, any changes will be down to you and any profit will come your way.
  2. “It is true what they say…”   love hurts, love is hard work and love is inevitably blind and all of these things can overwhelm you. So YOUR PASSION  needs to be underpinned by secondary sales of things that are simple and quick to implement. This is where the numerous “off the shelf” products are perfect to stimulate the growth and expansion of your business, attract more people and increase your skill set.
  3. “Create balance.” If I go out and sell Jayne’s Yoga, Jayne’s dance, Jayne’s fitness and Jayne’s diet, I never get the opportunity to be renowned for doing something great. I become a “jack of all trades” and no one thinks of me as the master. Similarly if I do course after course and only sell other peoples programmes  I simply become a broker for other peoples success. Just provide a little balance to your weekly timetable.
  4. “Use a brand to build a brand” the back up you can get from bigger brands is priceless. They will teach you all of the things that you need to know to make your own projects bigger and more successful. Take the information and use it to develop you and what you do.
  5. “Use Every Gear” sometimes we run and sometimes we walk; sometimes we simply park up and then often we find ourselves going in reverse. This is the process. Walking your own path is never easy or simple but the rewards are BIG.

Finally take your time and make a plan, it will happen because you love doing it and other people will love doing it. My Freestyle Fitness Yoga may be really similar to other yoga but mine is mine, I made it mine over 16 years of hard work, tiny little USP’s. The thing that made it work is that I love it and i believe it to be different enough to make a difference.

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