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18th February, 2019

The perfect “next step” in understanding the philosophy of yoga, is a yoga training course. Progressing beyond a purely physical practice requires a greater understanding of its chronology. To teach yoga as a profession, a recognised qualification is essential in order to get insurance and gain employment.

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17th February, 2019

Your absolute goal is to teach professional yoga classes. It is important that the course you choose fits into your existing lifestyle. In order for you to complete it successfully, it must not cause too much disruption to your work life balance. You may have to forsake your next holiday in order to live your dream but it will be worth it once you are a fully qualified yoga teacher.

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16th February, 2019

Although the roots of yoga span several decades and many people perceive authentic yoga to follow a traditional practice, it is important to be mindful of its evolution. A modern audience may be reticent to throw themselves into the more esoteric aspects of yoga preferring a purely physical practice. A good instructor provides a gateway into yoga for everyone and anyone with interest.

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5th February, 2019

Sometimes we all need ergogenic aids to help us fit in or segway into areas that are new and different. We live in a society where possessions are #1, most people have their own mats, sports watches to count steps, calories and tell us how we sleep, the list is endless. As teachers we also need tools to give us a boost and make our job easier.

Here are a few of the things that have made my life easier this year.

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