GXT is a boutique training provider specialising in online study. We have extensive video, audio & manual resources via our online platform plus constant support from the team. We prepare you to teach by balancing the yoga you love with  fully endorsed qualifications. The GXT Studio is a constant source of practical online classes to help develop your teaching skills.

We provide traditional yoga alongside modern informed teaching techniques, hot yoga and young yoga qualifications.

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    Why train with GXT?

    Meet Jayne Nicholls, Multi Award winning presenter, creator and your “go to” coach throughout your training.


    Creator of the Freestyle Yoga brand, Jayne has white labelled her unique style of yoga for Virgin Active UK/SA & David Lloyd clubs. Jayne is proud to have cultivated ‘a better way’ for instructors and continues to create change and opportunity with new & exciting innovations. A former Nike fitness Athlete, Jayne has played a prominent role in the evolution of the health and fitness industry and you will have the opportunity to work directly with her throughout your course attending weekly classes and workshops. Read more.

    GXT is a training provider that retains the USP of a very personal service. Every learner receives first hand advice from Jayne and her team of industry leaders who work as a close knit organisation mentoring instructors throughout their careers. We welcome all learners wanting to make a difference to others through the communication of Yoga and Fitness

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    27th September, 2021
    I recently had a conversation with someone from Sport England and had to ask myself “why are you getting so angry?” Some context – it was in relation to my concerns on how the Group Exercise industry is governed. Upon reflection it is an age old flame that becomes fuelled when I am so confidently […]
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    15th April, 2021
    The wonderful things about the computer you own and the world wide web are accessibility & speed . Our digital connectivity has changed the way that we do everything, and yes this includes learning how to teach yoga. What may have taken 200-500 hours in the past  can now be accelerated and more importantly personalised by online learning. Post pandemic […]
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    2nd July, 2019
    Yogis have always traversed modern yoga with a love hate perspective but there is currently a mass of articles on cultural appropriation suggesting that nothing we do in our middle class lifestyles will ever be enough to call our yoga - YOGA. What has unsettled me is that part of me agrees with this, a large part of me does…
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    18th February, 2019
    The perfect “next step” in understanding the philosophy of yoga, is a yoga training course. Progressing beyond a purely physical practice requires a greater understanding of its chronology. To teach yoga as a profession, a recognised qualification is essential in order to get insurance and gain employment.
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      Our Reputation Precedes Us

      See why we are the “go to” training provider for everyone looking for a career in yoga & fitness

      Absolutely loved the course this weekend. Monica is a true inspiration and an amazing teacher. I learnt so much over the last 2 days.

      Thank you!


      The course was intense but worthwhile. My tutor Diane Leek was my guardian Angel. Total support and kind words when I felt other matters were getting me down. She was my inspiration and feel so lucky to have met her and learned so much from Diane.

      Sue Murray

      Support from Di was ‘beyond the call of duty’. she turned everything around speedily and was always motivating and more than supportive – exemplary !!! I cannot praise her highly enough and ALL of the face to face sessions in the UK and Ibiza were not only totally committed but so inspirational (both Di and Jayne). I love their perspective on yoga – more than refreshing – challenging much of the ‘norms’ and providing a wonderful insight and guiding in a so different a way to the current trends. difficult to find the words to express how much I have valued their teaching and support, let alone their own knowledge and abilities! And they have NOT paid me to write this 🙂

      I will miss them both !

      Kristin Pagano

      For what it’s worth I’ve just watched a couple of the sections of the new website and think it’s brilliant!

      Really instructional, inspirational and relatable with the added bonus that it felt like I had company at my kitchen table.   

      Tania Thomas

      I love the look of the new website! Beautiful design! Ive sat and watched all my diploma videos of Di this afternoon – was nice to have her go over and remind me of key things from units I have left to finish.

      Laura Carden

      Thank you and we’ll done. I luv FFY. Also your emails are great they have given me the confidence to be my own person in the fitness world.

      Caroline x

      Thanks so much for such a great course. Everything I learned has been so useful to me and has changed the way I think and the way I teach, not just yoga, but all my other fitness classes as well.


      Hi Jayne, if it makes your job worth while…. I’m loving the course… it’s fantastic.. I’ve taught Pilates for 15 years and I feel like a new woman, yoga has totally motivated me in every way… It’s even helping me with my current classes I teach Jayne.. addicted I am!! Thank you.. 

      Kind regards 



      Thank you Jayne, it has been an amazing journey. Your words of inspiration have helped me achieve this as I remember when I rang you in February worried I could not do it as I have a disc problem.
      Your reply was ‘you don’t need to be able to do the poses to be a great teacher’ I have carried that thought throughout my journey.
      Also you have such a brilliant team working with you, Di has been an excellent instructor and assessor who has been my rock , providing me with help, support and guidance and Linda who I met in London for bandhas she has opened my mind to the wonders of meditation and concentration.
      These skills have helped me develop personally, emotionally and to grow spiritually.
      So thank you all I hope this new chapter is going to give me loads of self fulfilment and development. 


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